Seasonal habitat preference
(adapted from Majerus and Kearns, 1989)

SpeciesActive HabitatFoodHostplantOverwintering site
Vedalia coccids  
24-spotgrassland, meadowleavesvarious grasses and low growing plantslow herbage, grass tussocks
Heatherheather heathland, conifer scrubcoccidsvarious heathers, occasionally treesin litter or in bark crevices
Kidney-spotdeciduous woodlandcoccidsvarious deciduous trees, particularly sallowsin sheltered positions on deciduous trees, usually near base
Pinetreescoccidsneedled conifers, sallows and willowsin leaf litter, foliage and bark crevices of evergreen trees and shrubs
Adonisherbage and shrub layers on well drained soilsaphidsvariousin leaf litter or on low plants
Waterreed-beds and wetlandsaphidsreeds and rushesbetween leaves and in stems of reeds, grass tussocks
2-spotvery variedaphidsvery variedin houses, on bark
10-spotdeciduous trees and hedgerowsaphidsvarious treesleaf litter, beech nuts
Scarce 7-spotvaried but close to ant nestsaphidsvariousvarious, but close to ant nests
Hieroglyphicheather heathlandlarvae of heather leaf beetlevarious heatherslitter under heather
5-spotunstable river shingleaphidsvariousgorse, under shingle stones, in leaf litter
14-spotvariedaphidsvariousvarious, usually low down
Cream-spothedgerows and deciduous treesaphids and psyllidsvarious deciduous trees and shrubsplant litter, bark crevices, beech nuts
18-spotmature Scots pineaphidsScots pineHigh on Scots pine
StripedScots pine woodlandaphidsScots pineUnknown
22-spotlow vegetationmildewsvarious, particularly hogweedin low herbage
Bryonylow herbageleaves of white bryony and other curcurbitswhite bryonylow herbage
Larchneedled conifersadelgids, coccidslarch, firs, pines, etcbark crevices of conifers
16-spotgrassland, meadowpollen, nectar, fungivarious grasses and low plantslow herbage, in gorse, in plant litter, on fence posts and stone walls, often in large aggregations
11-spotvaried, but particularly dune systemsaphidsvariousplant litter
Cream-streakedconifer woodlandaphidsneedled coniferson conifers
Orangedeciduous treesmildewsdeciduous trees, particularly sycamore and ashleaf litter or in sheltered positions on trees
7-spotvaried, but often low herbageaphidsvery variedin low herbage, in conifer foliage
Eyedneedled conifersaphidsneedled conifers, particularly pinesin soil or leaf litter
Harlequinvery variedaphids, coccids, adelgids, coccinellids, fruitvarious, particularly lime and sycamorein houses, on rocky surfaces
Rhyzobius litura    
Coccidula rufa    
Scymnus frontalis    
Cheilomenes lunata    
Scymnus suturalis    
Coccidula scutellata