Ladybird Atlas

Ladybirds (Coccinellidae)
of Britain and Ireland

'Ladybirds (Coccinellidae) of Britain and Ireland' by Helen Roy, Peter Brown, Robert Frost, Remy Poland (published by the Field Studies Council, 2011) ISBN 978 1 906698 20 1
Stunning full-colour atlas providing information on the ladybird (Coccinellidae) family. It describes the distribution of ladybirds in Britain, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, using data collated through the Biological Records Centre Coccinellidae Recording Scheme (including the UK Ladybird Survey) since 1964. As well as distribution maps, the book uses terrific colour photographs and text to help with the identification of ladybird species, from the largest to the smallest, and to provide information on life histories, behaviour, host plants and prey, and details of the enemies of ladybirds, especially their parasites. Available from various outlets including CEH, FSC, and good bookshops. (Download errata)

Ladybird Atlas

(Naturalists' Handbooks 10)

'Ladybirds (Naturalists' Handbooks 10)' by Helen E. Roy, Peter M.J. Brown, Richard F. Comont, Remy L. Poland & John J. Sloggett (published by Pelagic, 2013) ISBN 978-1-907807-07-7
This revised and updated edition of Ladybirds provides a succinct but comprehensive and accessible overview of the biology of ladybirds and their parasites, focusing on ecology in an evolutionary context. It provides the latest information, coverage of recent additions to the British list including the harlequin ladybird, and makes suggestions for further research, both short and long term, highlighting gaps in knowledge and showing readers how to get involved with recording and studying ladybirds. It includes updated keys for the identification of ladybirds at late-instar larval and adult stages, and techniques for studying ladybirds and their parasites in both laboratory and field. The authors hope that this book will be a valuable resource, not only for students, from school to university and beyond, but also for anyone with an interest in natural history, whether professional or recreational.

FSC Ladybird Guide

A Guide to the Ladybirds
of the British Isles

‘A Guide to the Ladybirds of the British Isles’ by Michael Majerus, Helen Roy, Peter Brown and Remy Ware, with illustrations by Chris Shields (published by Field Studies Council, 2006)
A new colour fold-out field chart with superb illustrations of all 26 British ladybird species (including the harlequin) and lots of ladybird ecology information. It costs £2.50 from some book sellers or direct from the Field Studies Council (tel. 0845 3454072)

'A Pocket Guide to the Ladybirds of Britain and Ireland ' by Bryan J Pinchen (published by Forficula Books, 2005) ISBN 0 9549349 1 1 (paperback, 147 x 105 mm)
64 pages, with 5 black and white and 54 colour illustrations of 25 British ladybird species.
Copies can be obtained by sending a cheque made payable to BJ Pinchen for £6.50 (inc. p&p) to: BJ Pinchen, 7 Brookland Close, Pennington, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 8JE.

'Ladybirds: Pest Control the Natural Way !' by Darren J. Mann (published by Osmia, 2002) £4.95 from the Oxford Bee Company (tel. 01509 261654).

A year in the lives of British ladybirds

A year in the lives
of British ladybirds

'A year in the lives of British ladybirds' by Michael Majerus, Remy Ware and Christina Majerus (published bythe Royal Entomological Society for the Amateur Entomologists' Society Bug Club).
Written by three hugely experienced 'ladybirders', the book provides instructions of how, when and where to find different species of ladybird, how to identify the adults, and facilitates involvement in current research projects on ladybirds. Available to order online from the Amateur Entomologists' Society

'Ladybirds of Surrey' by Roger D. Hawkins (published by Surrey Wildlife Trust, 2000) ISBN 0 9526065 5 0 (hardback)
A great book with beautiful photos of many species (adults and larvae) and of much interest beyond Surrey. £12 (plus p&p) from (tel. 01483 795440)

'Ladybirds' by Michael Majerus (published by Harper Collins, 1994)
ISBN 0 00 219934 3 (hardback), 0 00 219935 1 (paperback)
Comprehensive & detailed but out of print. May be available in libraries.

General Insects

Insects of Britain & Northern Europe (Collins Field Guide) by Michael Chinery (published by Collins, 1993 (3rd edition)) ISBN 0 00 219918 1
A broad guide to all the insect groups, with a very small section on ladybirds and colour drawings of some of the main British ladybirds. It is a great field guide for insects in Britain generally (with lots of colour drawings). It is readily available.