The easiest way to submit records of ladybird observations is electronically using our on-line recording form or mobile phone app.

On-line Recording Form

Have you seen a ladybird wandering around?

Using our new recording form, provided by iRecord, you can record and upload photos of any species you see, any time. If you already have an iRecord account, records submitted here will be added to your others on iRecord.

If you are a long-standing user of this website and wish to continue using the old form then you may do so although we would like to phase it out. The new system is very much easier for us to administer and offers you the advantage of being able to keep all your wildlife records in one place where you can view and manage them.

Fill in one form per location. So, if you saw a 2-spot ladybird in your office and a harlequin and 7-spot in the park, you should fill in two forms.

Ladybird Recording App

Available for iPhone and Android, the ladybird app includes information and photos to help you identify ladybirds on the move. You can gather records with photos and an accurate location made with GPS which can be submitted when you have a data connection available.  It's never been easier to record ladybirds!

Records from the app will be stored in iRecord along with any you submit through the website form. You can use iRecord for all your wildlife recording.

Submit your parasite records

To enter Dinocampus coccinellae records, join the Ladybird Challenge.

Enter Hesperomyces virescens records .

Find out more about the natural enemies of ladybirds.

If you have records to submit in spreadsheet format, please email them in an Excel file to:

Alternatively, to send records on paper, you can download a recording form (Excel format), that can be posted to:

The UK Ladybird Survey
CEH Biological Records Centre
Maclean Building
Benson Lane
Crowmarsh Gifford
OX10 8BB